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Ambulatory Surgery Center

A brief history

An ambulatory surgery center can also known as outpatient surgery centers or same day surgery centers.An ambulatory surgery center (ASC) is a health care facility that specializes in providing surgery, pain management and certain diagnostic (e.g., colonoscopy) services in an outpatient setting. Overall, the services provided can be generally called procedures. In simple terms, ASC-qualified procedures can be considered procedures that are more intensive than those done in the average doctor’s office but not so intensive as to require a hospital stay. An ambulatory surgery center and a specialty hospital often provide similar facilities and support similar types of procedures. The specialty hospital may provide the same procedures or slightly more complex ones and the specialty hospital will often allow an overnight stay. Ambulatory surgery centers do not provide emergency services.’Procedures’ performed in surgery centers are broad in scope. In the 1980s and 1990s, many procedures that used to be performed exclusively in hospitals began taking place in ambulatory surgery centers as well. Many knee, shoulder, eye, and other surgeries are currently performed in ambulatory surgery centers. Some heart procedures are even taking place in certain ASCs. In the United States today, over 50% of Colonoscopy services are performed in ambulatory surgery centers.

The first ASC was established in Phoenix, Arizona in 1970 by two physicians who wanted to provide timely, convenient and comfortable surgical services to patients in their community, avoiding more imperson…[keep reading]

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